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Upgrading Geany on Raspian Jessie

I wanted to upgrade the Geany editor on my Raspberry Pi. I am currently running Raspian Jessie, and the installed Geany is at V1.24. At this time, the latest Geany is at V1.33.

My attempt to add the geany-dev repository for apt failed. So I investigated upgrading Geany from source. Alas, the Geany source upgrade instructions are a little opaque: they assume their requirements are already installed, and don't explain the detailed steps required to satisfy their requirements. See here.

With some searching and digging, plus a couple of failed install attempts, I was able to determine the following packages needed to be installed for the Geany install:

sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev intltool

The first two are required to build the Geany source; the last for the Geany install.

Once the above packages are in place, this is the set of shell commands I used successfully to build and install Geany V1.33:

cd /tmp
tar xvf geany-1.33.tar.gz
cd geany-1.33
sudo make install

Now the Raspian menu entry for Geany invokes Geany V1.33!