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A blog of interesting technical details behind @fire-eggs repositories.

New sample scripts for the Pimoroni Display-o-tron HAT

JPEG Load Performance on Windows

Weirdness with numpy mean()

The Windows JPEG DPI Issue (7 Apr 2016)

GEDCOM Grammars: 5.5 vs 5.5.1 (15 Aug 2016)

A Dilemma: HTML vs GDI (17 Sep 2017)

A Lesson in Humility (and using the right tools) (11 Mar 2018)

Easy Travis - .NET CORE - Coveralls integration with minicover (23 Oct 2018)

Upgrading Geany on Raspian Jessie (23 Nov 2018)

Modifying the font or look of GRAMPS on Windows (4 Jan 2019)

Optimizing Certain Problem EPUBs (20 Feb 2019)