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A blog of interesting technical details behind @fire-eggs repositories.

New sample scripts for the Pimoroni Display-o-tron HAT

JPEG Load Performance on Windows

Weirdness with numpy mean()

The Windows JPEG DPI Issue (7 Apr 2016)

GEDCOM Grammars: 5.5 vs 5.5.1 (15 Aug 2016)

A Dilemma: HTML vs GDI (17 Sep 2017)

A Lesson in Humility (and using the right tools) (11 Mar 2018)

Easy Travis - .NET CORE - Coveralls integration with minicover (23 Oct 2018)

Upgrading Geany on Raspian Jessie (23 Nov 2018)

Modifying the font or look of GRAMPS on Windows (4 Jan 2019)